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Every time I close my laptop lid, Ubuntu 13.04 will lock up. I have it set in the Power settings to do nothing for when I close the lid on both battery power and when plugged in, yet when I do close the lid, the system seems to lock up. Note, the mouse will move as normal, and it looks like nothing is wrong. But when I try to click or press any buttons, the system is unresponsive. I have to power cycle the laptop and re-boot in order to continue using it. Any help would be appreciated!



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Under settings go into the Power section and change "When lid is closed" to "Do nothing"

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that's because the settings that you are looking for are not in the power management section, go in Brightness & Lock

Edit: it could also be some kind of issue, see if you solve with this new settings.

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I have lock disabled, the only option I have enabled is the dimming of the screen when inactive for 10 minutes. – John May 25 '13 at 17:13

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