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I'm working on getting pygame set up so I can read and follow Making Games with Python & Pygame, and when I was looking in /usr/lib, I saw that while python2.7 had a single directory, there were two python3 directories:

  • python3, which contains only the dist-packages directory
  • python3.3, which contains all the other python directories

Why are these separate? Can I combine them into the python3.3 directory?

I just don't want to find out later that because these were separate (for whatever reason), things are messed up/won't work right.

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python3 folder does not seem to be related to python3.X installation: I don't have python3.X installed yet I have that folder there.

It seems its purpose is to store tools that have different script versions available to python 2 and 3 (ex: package lsb-release). So let it be there, it should not cause you any harm.

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