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I would like to install Ubuntu on a MacBook 6.1 (MAC OSX 10.6.8), but I don't understand how to do so ... Boot Camp (v3.0.4) gives me a message «impossible de continuer le téléchargement. Le logiciel d'assistance Windows n'est pas disponible.»

some hours later : I've success to start with a live-dvd ! So, I gave up with Boot Camp.

The problem, Actually, is "how to resize the Mas's partition ?" When I try to do this, the Sisk Utility says me the operation can't be accomplished because there are errors on the partition.. I've to repair those but I don't know how to process without the Installation dvd of Mac OSX....

Sorry for this bad english, tell me for precisions if you need to !

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Solution :

-Start computer with an Ubuntu LiveCD (cmd + S at starting)

-open the software Gparted, and resize the partition

-restart computer with mac

-install rEFIt

-restart again with "C"

-Install Ububntu :)

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