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I'm new to Ubuntu,installed it a few days ago after a friend recommended it to me.So far so good,I like it and everything is fine with it,except for one problem.It isn't a major problem,but I'd be happy to get it fixed.The wallpaper always goes back to the default one after I shut down or restart the computer.The thing is that the wallpaper that I selected over the default one is still selected in the "Appearance" panel,so it's not like the setting isn't saved or something.Also,when I enter there to change the wallpaper,it goes back to the one that I was using.I only have to enter there and without touching anything,it changes back to mine.

Long story short: I change the wallpaper,I restart/shut down,the wallpaper is back to the default one and if I enter "Appearance",it automatically goes back to the one i had,without me re-selecting it.

Any way to make it stay after restart/shut down without me always going to "Appearance" ?

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Are you using own background image, or one that's available under appearance? – Mitch May 25 '13 at 7:48
What Ubuntu version? What graphics chip/board? – david6 May 25 '13 at 8:09
Nevermind,I sorted it out.The problem was that the picture I was using was on another hard disk,not on the one which had Ubuntu installed.Moved it on the Ubuntu one and it works now. – Dobrescu Lucian Crono May 26 '13 at 8:14

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