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I am performing clamtk - virusscan as usual (at a friends computer with 12.04 - updated today):

sudo clamtk

Then normal scanning of all files. When reaching certain file, it crashes with logout to gdm-login-window.

Should I use clamtk-frontend only as normal user?

As a normal user the same happens again - after scanning first 99 files of whole file-system.

When one time click on gdm-user then it crashes again, then back to gdm.

Again click on gdm-user and login works.

from Terminal with command clamtk it is running a bit longer - but still crashes and logout at once into gdm ???

I found for to report crash:


which is not installed by default (contrary to earlier Ubuntu-Versions).

made then:

apt-get install --reinstall clamtk


apt-get install --reinstall gdm

now I make reboot (am back soon ... )

no change ... still crashes. then I tried

apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg

(suiting packages to installation)

but it is refused because of too many collisions ??? (on different machines was these packages to reinstall no problem ?)

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Yes, you should typically run clamtk as a regular user. Also, if the problem is not fixed by the linux-headers-generic answer above, please run clamtk from the commandline (just type


and post back any errors or messages upon the crash.

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related hint on the right side gave me this:

2.6.35-28 kernel update breaks Xorg

It seems that linux-headers-generic were missing when kernel updated today, but they are needed when nvidia-files are substituted too by newer files ... ... this causes the crash ? - right ?

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If you suspect linux-headers-generic were missing, try sud apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade again. – carnendil May 24 '13 at 17:56

Sorry it is solved by something completely different (at 12.04 LTS 2 of my friend) :

In "system settings" then "brightness and lock" there time should be set to 30 minutes and lock should stay "switched off".

There the default-settings are not correct and causes the crash into gdm ?

But clamtk is still crashing ?

Now it seems that 13.04 has the same at some installations of other Ubuntu-Users.

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