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I have installed the necessary gems as follows :

            ~/Desktop/html5$ gem list

            bundle (0.0.1)
            bundler (1.3.5)
            coderay (1.0.9)
            em-websocket (0.5.0)
            eventmachine (1.0.3)
            ffi (1.8.1)
            formatador (0.2.4)
            guard (1.8.0)
            guard-livereload (1.4.0)
            guard-sass (1.2.0)

This is what my Guardfile looks like :

            ~/Desktop/html5$ more Guardfile 
            A sample Guardfile
            More info at https://github.com/guard/guard#readme

            guard 'livereload' do

This is what I get when I run : bundle exec guard

            ~/Desktop/html5$ bundle exec guard
            12:05:56 - INFO - Guard uses NotifySend to send notifications.
            12:05:56 - INFO - Guard uses TerminalTitle to send notifications.
            12:05:56 - INFO - LiveReload is waiting for a browser to connect.
            12:05:56 - INFO - Guard is now watching at '/home/praveen/Desktop/html5'
            [1] guard(main)> 

To make sure the Guard server is running , this is what i get when telneting

            :~/Desktop/html5$ telnet 35729
            Connected to
            Escape character is '^]'.

When I make changes to the index.html in the monitored directory , this is what i get at the guard prompt

            12:32:30 - INFO - Reloading browser: index.html
            Unable to write to your history file, history not saved
            12:36:38 - INFO - Reloading browser: index.html
            [1] guard(main)> 

I have installed the chrome live reload plugin and given it file reading permission but when I click it , it doesn't change and thus does not reload the code change to any html or css in the /home/praveen/Desktop/html5 , pls let me know what can be done.


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