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I have a small script and I want to run it as user1 in cron. If I am logged in as user1 and execute the script it works just fine, but the moment I try to run it in cron it does not work. If I run the cron as root everything works. Here is what I am doing

Script has below command

sudo virsh list --all | grep myvm | awk '{print $3}'

So if I run it as user1 or put this into a file everything just works. But I add it as

*/5 * * * * user1 /path/to/script

If I run as root in cron it works smooth without sudo * * * * * root /path/to/script

My Sudoers file

Cmnd_Alias KVMCMD = /usr/bin/virsh list --all

I directly cant blame sudoers as manually running the command works (may be because of tty)

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Answering my own question.

One of the solution would be

Editing (as root) the file


And commenting out the line that says:

Defaults requiretty
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