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I am trying to connect to Ubuntu cloud service with 3th client carotdav. On windows7 home, 64 bit.(limited user, non-administrator) Does it possible? In theory yes, but in reality I need your help...

carotdav says:

Rei.Fs.SimpleWebException: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.
   at Rei.Fs.Webdav.WebdavFs.GetResponse(HttpWebRequest request, Boolean notreqstream)
   at Rei.Fs.Webdav.WebdavFs.InnerGetInfo(Uri target, DepthType depth)
   at Rei.Fs.Webdav.WebdavFs.GetInfoAndEntries(Uri targeturi)
   at CarotDAV.CacheManager.GetInfoAndEntries(FsBase fs, Uri targeturi, Boolean enablecache)
   at CarotDAV.MainForm.Fs_GetInfoAndInnerEntries(Uri uri, ResourceId id, ResourceId parentid, Boolean enablecache)


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Ubuntu One does not provide a WebDAV interface for file storage, no.

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