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I'm using kate on my ubuntu 13.04 unity without any problems. Even the dark mediterranean-themes ( look great inside kate.

As you may see in the screenshots, this is a theme with dark background and bright foreground (some greyish-white). If I now start search/replace inside kate, the input text field has a dark background and bright foreground as expected from the theme. Depending on the matches, kate changes the background on-the-fly to some light green or light red, without altering the foreground color. This makes reading extremely difficult.

Is there a way to adjust the foreground color or disable this behavior? I already searched Fonts & Colors inside the configuration, but this menu entry seems to be restricted to the editor only. Any ideas?

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There is the Gnome Color Chooser app that allows you to customize the desktop. Install by issuing the following command.

sudo apt-get install gnome-color-chooser

If will then show up in the System Tools | Preferences menu. Can also type gnome-color-chooser from terminal.

In the "Global Colors" tab there is a "Entry Field" section. I'd experiment by adjusting those colors to see if you get a better result.

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