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I have Ubuntu Server 12.04 with both the GNOME and Lubuntu desktop environments installed. I'm using the Lubuntu desktop as GNOME was taxing the capabilities of the onboard video controller too much. I installed X11VNC on Lubuntu and am trying to connect from within my LAN using both the server IP and 'server_name.local' and neither will connect. (These settings worked fine with GNOME Desktop Sharing.)

When I start X11VNC, it will throw an error that port 5900 may be in use by another application. I have disabled screen sharing in the GNOME environment. Running a port scan shows nothing listening on 5900 and netstat also shows nothing listening on 5900. No ports are being blocked by firewalls and other TCP/UDP services are fine. Short of removing vino in GNOME, are there any other possible causes/solutions that I can track down?

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