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I've just bought a new Acer laptop that came preinstalled with Windows 8 in Secure Boot (enabled). Since Wine can only do so much, I want to keep my Windows8 and install Ubuntu 12.4.2 alongside it, preferably as a secure install. I've read up on it a bit so I know about disabling fast boot (or whatever it's called) and I know that I should install both OSes in the same (UEFI) mode, but I'm unclear about the following.


  1. I've read that Wubi shouldn't/can't be used in my case and I'm not sure how to go about doing the so-called "normal dualboot" that I saw mentioned somewhere on this site. I've only ever installed Ubuntu 10.4 on a laptop once, and this was primarily because I wanted to get rid of my crappy Windows version, so it wasn't dualboot ;) I have no idea if it was a Wubi install (though given the fact that I managed to erase Windows I'm guessing no). All I know is I had made a liveUSB using the appropriate iso and the Universal USB installer, booted from this USB, and clicked through the menu that popped up automatically in order to erase Windows and install Ubuntu. I have now made a similar liveUSB for Ubuntu12.4.2(64version) for the dualboot install I want to do, but there's a Wubi file on the USB and that worries me. Is this simply a 'bonus' file put in the package for those who like it, or is it something that will run automatically if I try to boot using this liveUSB? If the latter, what should I do instead?
  2. I've read some conflicting info on (re?)partitioning the hard drive: should I do some manual partitioning before attempting to install Ubuntu, or is there a noob-friendly installer other than Wubi that will take care of everything for me? If I have to do it all manually, which program is best used for this and what would be a good division of disk space of my 500GB HDD, given that Ubuntu will be my main OS?

Sorry about all the questions and thanks in advance!

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Don't worry about the wubi file. See some of the previous answers here like… – ubfan1 May 22 '13 at 21:39

1) you must forget wubi,because you are looking for a dual-boot install, and yes the UEFI must be enabled to keep your win8 installation working. I recommend you to create your live-USB with the latest (13.04 64bit) and the installer must detect and identify your "Windows 8" partition so you can choose to [Install Ubuntu with Windows 8], but pay attention for the next answer.

2) The best practice is to start your windows and try to defragment and repartition your disk (Using the win disk management) be carefull and write down how many space are you providing, the less partiotions is better. i.e. a (1)small partition for recovery (vendor setup) the main partition (2)for win8 and (3) an unused space for linux. Remember you can mount your NTFS\win8 so you can keep 'common-files' in that path if you want it. Also I recommend you to use Ubuntu One to keep synchronized folders in every OS and device

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