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I'm running newly installed Ubuntu 12.04 in my computer.

After the commandsudo apt-get update, my terminal shows the following message:

Reading package lists... Done

After that, nothing happens. What's wrong?

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What did you expect to happen instead? Dropping back to your shell after updating the package lists seems like the normal behaviour to me. – gertvdijk May 23 '13 at 9:56

There is nothing wrong with your system: sudo apt-get update will only update the package list. To really update packages, you have to type: sudo apt-get upgrade afterwards as well!

let me add to this that sudo apt-get upgrade will finish with Reading state information... Done 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded if you already have installed all latest updates. When you already have installed all updates for your system, sudo apt-get upgrade will not reinstall stuff. If you get a message along the lines of x packages have been kept back, you should run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.

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sorry sir but here no any downloaded packages are installed. – user160904 May 22 '13 at 15:35
You can disagree with the answer, but it is factually accurate. Run sudo apt-get update and then also sudo apt-get upgrade. Think of it as the difference between 'checking for available updates' and then 'upgrading the available updates,' in a sense. He is correct. – gravity May 22 '13 at 15:47
If you system is up to date already, nothing will be downloaded or updated with sudo apt-get update. Sometimes packages are held and you need to do sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, see the apt-get man page for details. If you are having a problem , post the error message or output, but I see nothing wrong or abnormal here. – bodhi.zazen May 22 '13 at 16:02

If you are thinking of only updating, you can as well do it by using update manager.

Press the Superkey (Windows key) to launch the Dash and search for Update Manager

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This might be because your


is empty.

If so, Ubuntu Sources List Generator helps you get a default sources.list.

This Generator right now supports version later than 12.04.


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