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After installing Kubuntu 13.04, LibreOffice worked, but the menus looked without borders and flat, and if I tried to use appmenu (or appmenu button) the applications were not affected (the ugly menus stayed at the windows). I removed libreoffice-kde and installed libreoffice-gtk, which took care of the menus and now they look quite similar as any other kde app, and, as far as I know, lo-menubar is now part of this package.

However, if I try to use another style for the menu (either "Title bar button" or "Top screen menubar") Writer, for instance, ends up without any menu at all. I checked and I have installed appmenu-gtk, appmenu-gtk3, appmenu-qt. Should I need to install anything else, or modify any configuration file?

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remove libreoffice-gtk and install libreoffice-kde and libreoffice-style-oxygen

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