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I just upgraded Ubuntu from 12.10 to 13.04 today. Everything went smooth until after reboot,and now at the grub menu. If I picked the first option (which says Ubuntu) it goes to a blank screen with a lot of scrolling text and then simply stops on:

[    5.420120 CR2:0*82000

I've read that many people have had a similar problem with fresh boot to 13.04: Ubuntu 13.04 won't boot after grub || Upgrade to Ubuntu 13.04 Problem - Boots into Blank Black Screen

I used these to get Ubuntu backup and working by going to advance Ubuntu options and booted into the first one. But, this is a workaround and not a fix those links offer more technical suggestions, but those are beyond my ability to comprehend. So my question is: How to fix the default Ubuntu option in grub so that it doesn't display the wall of scrolling text and freeze?

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The answer provided here ends in a permanent solution, which is modifing the /etc/defaul/grub file. Also the second link suggest that you should need to update your kernel until the version 3.9. – Braiam Aug 11 '13 at 15:24

When you change the default menu selection you're not changing the version of the OS you're just changing the version of the kernel you're loading.

If that works, that's fine: It sounds like something changed in the kernel version that ships with the updated version of Ubuntu. Keep using the old kernel until a new one is released.

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