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Ubuntu 13.04 64bits desktop (freshly downloaded from the site a couple of days ago)


loads CPU up to 100%( 1-2 core)



eats whole RAM just after Ubuntu loading.

How to fix it?

There is a bug in dev forums but it is not clear for me how to fix it (just applied a new update to the system - no way).

Deleting files from ~/.cache/; or reboot; or login with 'gnome-fallback'- no help. Even if I kill gnome-settings-daemon it may arise again later.

Note: I have a VNC4 server running on Ubuntu and gnome-core(GNOME Shell

Note: I removed ntpdate but no help. Calendar on desktop is inactive for some time, network time is off.

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As described in Ubuntu Bug #774071, in my case it helped to substitute default dependency of geoclue-provider virtual package.

My Solution

I installed geoclue-ubuntu-geoip package to replace the existing geoclue-yahoo package (which I uninstalled).

Probably the Yahoo Maps admins noticed high load of their geolocation service or maybe their devs changed something, which resulted in geoclue-yahoo not working correctly.

For this work I've used a text-mode package manager:


Because I know it handles missing dependencies quite well and suggests solutions, for example to install one of packages to satisfy some dependency.

One can also use a graphical package manager:


To select any other package that is listed in geoclue-provider - and there are many:

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We have found only one so solution far :

  sudo apt-get remove gnome-settings-daemon

Another option - rename gnome-settings-daemon service

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I ran this and ended up without gnome. – Frederico Schardong Jun 9 at 18:16

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