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I have installed Kubuntu 13.04 on my XPS13: when I plug in an external screen with resolution 1920x1200 on my laptop (which is 1920x1080) via the mini display port (DVI cable), I get a mirror of my laptop screen. When trying to manage the two screens (in kcm_screen) I see only one "default" and there is no way to have the resolution tuned to the higher resolution of my screen (1200 in Y instead of 1080 for the laptop).

So it does send the signal to the monitor but does not allow me to tune it and have the two screens (laptop and external monitor) detected independently.

Any way I could do that? Thanks in advance for any tip here! [running kubuntu 13.04 3.8.0-21-generic x86_64, on Dell XPS13]

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