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Please suggest me in this regard. I am having a Lenono PC and Dell Inspiron N5010 (both are 64 bit with 4GB of RAM, Intel I5 Processors). My requirement is:

"A fully stable operating system (Ubuntu) on which I can carry out Qt application software development with readily available development tool chains (gnu) and preferably should support 64 bit application development".

Which one: Ubuntu 13.04 Desktop/ Server? 32 bit/ 64 bit? Thanks in advance.



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For development I would just choose the desktop version. The server version is one that only comes with a command line interface by default. Since you have 4 GB of RAM, a 64 bit installation is adviced.

You can install any IDE or other tools you need from the Ubuntu Software Centre (GCC is installed by default), including QtCreator for developing Qt applications.

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Thanks for your suggestion. But unfortunately, my system will not be connected to Internet and its really tedious to install development tool chains on an offline Ubuntu machine. And I am in need of latest versions of gcc and Qt. Any how, thanks again for your advice. – swamy May 22 '13 at 6:32

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