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I am an Ubuntu desktop n00b, so please play nice.

I am using Ubuntu 13.04. Didn't like the existing task switcher (really uncomfortable for quick work between several windows) so I installed Compiz and enabled the static task switcher, which is great.

I am running a dual screen system, with different resolutions.

The problem I have is that the task switcher appears in the screen where the current window is focused, but it lets me choose between all of the applications currently running, regardless of the screen where any specific application is "running".

I would like my task switcher to appear on the currently selected screen, but to show only the applications that are running in this specific screen.

For example, if on one screen I have various PyCharm windows and web browsers, and on the other an IRC client and a music player, I'd like to have just the PyCharm and Chrome windows when I trigger the task switcher on the first screen, and just the IRC client and music player when I trigger the switcher in the other screen.

(I don't really know how Workspaces work, and I guess that a solution might be there, maybe by having a task switcher for each workspace, and running each workspace on a specific screen? I don't know.)

Being able to show the correct task switcher based on the location of the mouse pointer is extra points. ;)

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