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AMD does not confirm that any of its products such as Chipsets, Video Cards and Processors will run Linux and or Ubuntu. I have multiple (more than 10) motherboards with the 990FX chipset and have multiple FX Processors and have multiple FirePro and Radeon Cards.

I have multiple sets of 4x4GB and 4x8GB of 1866 memory. I also have multiple OCZ's fastest SSD's. Contacting AMD or their Motherboard manufacturers results in declinations about Linux or Ubuntu support. I am tired of paying for Windows repeatedly for each and every OEM License. Every time a hardware malfunctions and has to be replaced a new Windows License has to be purchased.

Whether it is Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8 pro Licenses have to be purchased after every hardware change. If an attempt is made to reactivate Windows it results in the destruction of the interface of the OCZ SSD's.

I am seriously considering moving to the Linux or Ubuntu community. I am scared that all my hardware will not accept a Linux or Ubuntu installation. I am anxiously requesting help from Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community to make Ubuntu work with the Hardware that I already have. Thanking you in anticipation of your kind and considerate help and support.

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The CPU & MB should work fine. Graphics card... might be another story. – Android Dev Jun 4 at 12:34

If you are unsure about the hardware, you could always use a Live CD or USB to test every bit of your hardware. The requirements to run Ubuntu you already surpassed.

Is a good rule of thumb that any system capable to run Windows Vista, 7, 8 x86 OS X will almost always be a lot faster with any Ubuntu flavor [...]

So, the only thing is that it will properly work with your Sound Card, Video Card and motherboard. There is a list of certified hardware made by Canonical but in reality most of the common hardware work within the penguin systems flawlessly. If you are worried about a piece of hardware that could be broken, you can always unplug it, test all the other hardware then ask about that specific piece of hardware. When you do so, please include all the possible information, and make clear that you cannot boot Ubuntu/Linux since the hardware has a protection mechanisms.

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