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I am new to Ubuntu and installed it as a method to access the internet while I attempted to repair my internet connection for Windows XP SP3. Dual boot for both Ubuntu and XP worked great. Failing to find a solution for my XP's loss of internet access I re-installed XP without researching how to preserve Grub. Needless to say I lost my access to Ubuntu. Using the instructions I could find I was able to regenerate the Mulit-boot grub via the trial option on the install CD. Now is where I am having trouble.

I can access my XP Multi-Boot window from Grub. I can access Ubuntu if I access Optional startup and select Ubuntu with generic boot. If I select the Ubuntu load from the main Grub page my system just hangs. No errors, no colour screen, no splash screen just black. I have installed the latest version of Grub Customizer and when checking the script between the two load options the only difference is 2 echo lines.

My eventual goal is to get Grub operating properly so that I can select either my Ubuntu 12.10 or my Windows Mulit-Boot screen. From there I want to extract the Ubuntu bootlogger file so that I can modify my Windows Multi-boot to allow me to add booting to Ubuntu as an option. I have not made a final decision as to which option I will settle on but the exercise will be a great re-introduction to computer tuning.

Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated. If more information is needed I can provide copies of scripts and layouts.

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I am using a motherboard with onboard AMD Radeon HD graphics. I installed the AMD Catalyst Control Center from AMD and that seems to have been the trick. Can now boot into Ubuntu normally. –  Malcolm Dilts May 23 '13 at 16:45

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