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Running Atom D2700 (dual 2.1GH, 2GB mem, 32bit mode). When opening any app in Ubuntu 13.04, the display gradually builds up the app window over 5-6 seconds. All the functions work properly, just verrry slow. I loaded Lubuntu and the apps open instantly. Is Unity using a low level video interface because it doesn't have the correct driver? I even tried the latest Fedora 18, and it has the same issue but not quite as bad. I have Ubuntu 13.04 on 2 laptops that work great.

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Based on the age of your hardware, you probably don't have the 3D graphics capability required to run Gnome 3/Unity efficiently (GPU power), so the CPU is bearing the brunt of the graphics processing. You can verify this by running top or htop in a terminal.

If you see pixelation occasionally, that usually means your graphics card doesn't support the 3D libraries required for Gnome 3/Unity.

Lubuntu runs LXDE and Openbox which don't have the same video card demands, hence the reason it runs much faster. This is another reason why I suspect this is your problem. I loaded Ubuntu on an old laptop and saw exactly the same thing you describe. Switching to Lubuntu makes it run like a champ.

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Thanks for the response. This makes sense even though it is disappointing. I guess the Atom will be a low-en server from now on. – Kenneth L Capps May 21 '13 at 20:16

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