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Which ultrabook/brand should I take to expect it to be the most compatible with the new versions of Ubuntu?

I am considering buying an Ultrabook transformer (pc/tablet, such as Sony Tablet Duo, Dell XPS 12, Asus Taichi or the like), and would like it to work under Ubuntu.

I have looked at various threads, such as:

Can Ubuntu run on Windows 8 tablet PCs?
Ubuntu resolution with Ultrabook

And found full compatibility of such devices (with some exceptions, such as Dell XPS 13) has not been achieved. I have heard that newer versions of Ubuntu, announced by Canonical for versions 13.10 and/or 14.04, will be on tablets:

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Linux touch screen is a bit of hit and miss. Most of the hardware will work and there are some nice Ubuntu 'additions' that will help with using a touch interface. That said, 99% of what is built for Linux expects a mouse and keyboard.

After using a touch tablet with Ubuntu for a while I can say it's pretty decent, but far from perfect. Expect the "new" stuff to make the situation better, but again it's going to be a long time to "perfect".

As a side note give maximums a try. It really helps me out.

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