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I am trying to download Ubuntu to put it on my daughter's MacBook (just installed new HDD, so no operating system on it)

But from my Windows PC all I can see is the Windows Ubuntu. Can I use that, or is there a specific place I can go to get the Ubuntu download for a Mac please?

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If you have a recent MAC with an Intel CPU (anything since ~2006), you should just simply grab the proper (32 or 64-bit) version and that's it.

In case you sport an older Mac computer (with PowerPC), you can grab the PowerPC images from the mirrors. Like from Germany.
List of mirrors: Scroll down here.

But I'm pretty sure you have an Intel machine. :)
Update: If you want, you can use your pendrive to install Ubuntu.
It's a Windows-only tool, but you mentioned you are on Windows now.

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Thanks! I'll try that -- I assume you just insert the disk and power-up holding down the C key? – Lewis Kirby May 20 '13 at 12:15
I'm not an expert on Mac, but you have to boot up the disc, yes. You can also use a pendrive if that works better for you (I always do this, so I don't have to burn/waste time and money.) See my edit. – Shiki May 20 '13 at 13:26

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