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I recently had a problem with my windows 7 computer, where after it loads windows and goes to the login screen, my keyboard and mouse won't work. I've tried a lot of stuff, and I've decided to just put Ubuntu on a flash drive to boot from there. I followed the instructions on the help page, but I don't know what to do from here.

I've plugged it into my problem PC, and used the BIOS to set in the boot configuration: Boot priority : 1. USB Generic Flash, 2 the hard drive Boot sequence: 1st device Removable Dev. 2nd the USB Generic Flash and then 3rd the CD drive Unless I don't understand something, which is very likely, it should just boot from my flash drive? Instead, it just goes to a screen that says

"SYSLINUX 4.06 EDD 2012-10-23 copyright 1994-2012 Peter Anvin et al
ERROR: No configuration file found
No default or UI configuration directive found!
Boot: (and I can type stuff in)"

What am I doing wrong, or don't understand?

EDIT: Solved by renaming files listed ate Fix Syslinux and then moving SYSLINUX folder into boot folder

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