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I use Emacs dired-mode as file manager and like it a lot. I am wondering if the following is possible: Say you write an Email from Gmail in Chrome (I know that there are many email clients in Emacs, but this is not of concern here). There's a little button in Chrome that lets you attach attachments. Pushing it opens Nautilus (argh). I am wondering if this action could not open an Emacs buffer in dired-mode so that I could navigate to the files, select them, and attach them to the email? Also, other tasks that normally open Nautilus could open Emacs in 'dired-mode'.

I would assume this is not so easy, but wanted to give it a shot (and ask). The reason why I believe it is possible is that "It's all text" already allows you to open a buffer in Emacs, write some text and then send it to the text field from which "It's all text" has been started.

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