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I have been using KDE for a while. I installed a lot of themes on gnome but most of the themes don get detected here in kde ??? Why is that so ?? I like AwOken theme but it does not show up on KDE but I can see some themes like Faenza accessible on KDE. The most important theme that I wish now is AwOken. How do I get that back ???

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By the AwOken

The awoken-icon-theme_2.5~ppa1~raring1_all.deb has Installation_and_Instructions.pdf. It is telling:

3.2 KDE

From 1.1 version of kAwOken iconset, there are two possibilities:

DeviantArt download Download the iconset from the link provided in the first page of this pdf. Extract the archive you downloaded, then System Settings → Application Appearance → Icons and click the Install Theme File button. Then, click the Open file dialog button on the right of the location text entry, select the kAwOken.tar.gz file you just extracted, and click the Ok button. To install also kAwOkenDark and kAwOkenWhite iconset, you will have to iterate the same procedure.

Using the ppa From the 1.1 Version, I mantain a ppa (Personal Package Archive), to always get users syncronized with the latest updates of the set. So it’s strongly recommended using this installation type. The usage is very simple:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alecive/antigone && sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install kawoken-icon-theme

This will install the iconset in /usr/share/icons folder, so the directory is different from the usual installation through DeviantArt.

Now you can start customizing your iconset the way you want. You’d find very useful the instructions shown below.

If the kAwOken iconset is not working then inform the developer/packager.

Quote from :

For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact alecive.

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