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I've Lubuntu 13.04 64 Bit on my Lenovo Y570. System works well but Lubuntu's asking my password when I want to shutdown or restart the computer.

How can i fix it?

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This seems to be a bug in Lubuntu 13.04, I have been having the same since I upgraded. For me it happens occasionally, reporting that there are "other user(s) logged in on the system". Is that the same message that you are getting?

I suspect there's a link with a find cron job that is ran by user 'nobody', about daily it seems. Given that it started with 13.04, it might be search indexing for PCManFM's new search feature. Unfortunately, this would make it a genuine Lubuntu bug rather than an easily fixable problem - which means it should be reported in the Lubuntu bugtracker.

(Posted as answer because I couldn't find how to comment on the question)

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