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I am trying to port Ubuntu Touch, but I am stuck at point "If your device is already supported by CyanogenMod, you can use the same repositories available at github, and get them automatically by calling breakfast, like: breakfast codename", but what the hell is breakfast tool? I have installed all packages they told, I have added phablet-tools ppa and installed what they said. I have upgraded packages but I do not have breakfast app. Can someone tell me what it is, how I can get it?

Ubuntu 13.04 x64

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I got stuck at the same problem. It seems that "breakfast" is a kind of script but I haven't figured out what exactly it is. – PLANTROON May 19 '13 at 11:41
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Ubuntu for Phones uses Cyanogenmod as a base, from where it chroot's in too Ubuntu. That's why the building procedure is most like Android.

To be able to use the building en setting-up commands, you fist need to set up the environment. This is done by issuing source build/ More info can be found at Cyanogen developers wiki.

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