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but I also like the Windows 8 that is already on my computer. I'm not really technologically inclined, so my question to the world is if there is an easy way to switch back and forth between Ubuntu OS 12 and Windows 8 relatively simply once I have downloaded Ubuntu? Thanks!

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Your question is confusing. Downloading the Ubuntu iso is only downloading a file (like a pdf), it won't affect your operating system. – edwin May 19 '13 at 0:54

Yes, you could 'Dual-boot' Windows 8 and Ubuntu.

I had tried it with Windows 8 & Ubuntu & can say it works quite well.

I still 'dual-boot' & but have gone back to an earlier version of Windows because my HP printer does not scan with Windows 8.

If you choose to dual boot you will get options (GRUB loader) of selecting Windows or Ubuntu at start up.

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