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I just installed Edubuntu and the computer will go to a pair of young little girls, the system is already running bu I would like to show them a guided tour on how to use and discover Edubuntu, I noticed there was a presentation slideshow while installing it but I just thought I could get access to it later on, now I just don't find anything like it, if possible I need it in Spanish.

Please help :)

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The description for package edubuntu-live-welcome says:

Displays an introduction to Edubuntu on login. It is meant to give users who are completely new to Edubuntu (and Ubuntu for that matter) a basic idea of how to navigate the system and what to expect.

Does that sound like what you want?

sudo apt-get install edubuntu-live-welcome
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The installer video does not really show alot and is removed after installation. Youtube can help you here since there is a website for edubuntu related video's and a special youtube channel that shows a lot.

I also found this one in spanish:

The best way of learning is doing it yourself (but a little help from a little more experienced user might help).

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