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I posted this question after tried solutions from google and stackoverflow. I am using ubuntu 12.04.

I installed ldap and slapd in my machine. On installation , it prompted for admin password.

After installation , I tried to add an kerberos schema using this below command,

ldapadd  -x -D cn=admin,cn=config -W -f /tmp/cn\=kerberos.ldif

It throws an error

ldap_bind: Invalid credentials (49)

I can able to use this command with my admin password.

ldapadd  -x -D "cn=admin,dc=zmedia,dc=ultrasound,dc=com" -f tree.ldif  -W


#Sample LDAP File


dn: ou=users,dc=zmedia,dc=ultrasound,dc=com
objectClass: organizationalUnit
ou: users


dn: ou=groups,dc=zmedia,dc=ultrasound,dc=com
objectClass: organizationalUnit
ou: groups

I know , I gave correct password. But , I dont know why it fails?

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