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I am new to Ubuntu Server and would like to use it to host media files and download new media files and stream them to my Western Digital TV Live Media Player.

While installing Ubuntu Server 13.04, I get to choose which software to install with it. Which one should I choose (if any)?enter image description here

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None of those. You're looking for a DLNA server, something like Twonky, Plex, Serviio etc.

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It would be more helpful you could include download and/or configuration instructions with your answer. – Kevin Bowen May 17 '13 at 6:42

I use Serviio. I download the .tar.gz, unzip it to ~/.serviio and then start the ./ and then ./ and after starting the latter, I will get a little status icon in my task bar (next to the clock) that lets me manage the service. It works great.

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