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I have installed Apache server using TaskSel from Synaptic package manager.

I did the following:

sudo a2enmod php5
Module php5 already enabled

sudo a2enmod userdir
Module userdir already enabled

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 reload

I have created two info.php files one for my home directory public_html and another one for /var/www next to the "It Works!" file with the following code:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

But when I navigate to either local addresses:


I got a blank page and when I clicked view page source I found the same php code:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>
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I found it, and here is what I did:

Just I had to comment the following lines in php.conf


#<IfModule mod_userdir.c>
#    <Directory /home/*/public_html>
#        php_admin_value engine Off
#    </Directory>

And everything is working fine...

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