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I am an Ubuntu newbie. I have just installed Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit on my machine. And from the very start I like the experience Ubuntu is giving me.

I have learned some basic tasks like installing and downloading packages from the terminal using the apt-get command. I also learned that the downloaded packages can be backed up from the apt cache folder.

There are times I'm not connected to the internet so I want to make backups of my installed and downloaded packages (from apt cache) just in case I screw up my machine.

Because I'm still a beginner, I got to install some software packages to try out -- like which music player will suite my taste. So therefore, after I made my pick I just remove the rest using apt-get remove from the terminal.

I observed that even if I removed a software using apt-get remove command, the installer files are still present in the apt cache folder and its dependencies (whether orphaned or not).

As I mentioned before, not all times I'm connected to the internet -- so I need to make a backup of all the packages I installed on my machine since installation (including updates) for future use. But I want to make the most of my disk. I don't want removed packages (its .deb files) to be included in the cache for backup. How do I get around with this situation?

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