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I have a large storage device with about 6 different shares all mounted to a server running Ubuntu 12.04. The storage device takes regular checkpoints each day. I have the shares mounted as read-only because all I'm doing is backing up the checkpoints to a second device. Each day the storage device creates a checkpoint and deletes the one from two days ago. However I am not seeing this in the mounted directory on my server. Todays checkpoint is not there, and the one the was deleted either says:

no such file or directory

or sometimes:

stale NFS file handle

Sometimes if I umount and remount the checkpoints show up correctly, and sometimes they show up on there own. And sometime they will be several days behind.

I'm not really sure where the problem lies (the server or the storage device). Could the problem be that the shares are mounted as read-only? I want to keep them as read only to avoid writing to them accidentally. The storage device a EMC Unisphere VNXe that I don't know a whole lot about.

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UPDATE: After rebooting the server the checkpoints were updated ( the new one appeared and the expired one was gone). These shares are in fstab so they were automatically mounted after reboot. Any ideas? –  dan08 May 16 '13 at 16:54

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