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In order to make a windows like hibernation i have installed tuxonice through muon package manager. After that i have typed following code for hibernation

$ sudo pm-hibernate

Then the system hibernated and i started my system again but i was unable to pass beyond the kubuntu boot loading page.

The error its showing is

could not stat the resume device file '/dev/dm-o' please write in the full path name to try again or press enter to boot the screen.

I also tried while booting advanced mode >> kubuntu recovery mode but still its showing same error.

Is there a way similar to windows system restore or repair in kubuntu as i am new to it?

My system is dual boot with Kubuntu(latest) and windows7

Is there a way to remove and reinstall Kubuntu without causing any problem in already installed windows 7

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As i was unable to boot kubuntu after installation of tuxonice. i have uninstalled completely Kubuntu using [Os-Uninstaller][1] and reinstalled Kubuntu once again now its working properly [1]: help.ubuntu.com/community/OS-Uninstaller –  Eka May 17 '13 at 3:42
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