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I am trying to use Xubuntu 13.04 on a Macbook Pro 6-2 (mid 2010). That's a Nvidia GeForce GT 300m.

I'm positive this is a video drive issue. So what I've done so far:

  1. Tried installing the latest Nvidia drivers (added the repos and installed nvidia-current and nvidia-settings, etc). This loads a black screen before login screen
  2. Found out I have an Optimus system
  3. Re-install Xubuntu 13.04
  4. Now I install Bumblebee (which is used to handle optimus) following their directions on their website.
  5. Reboot system, and success! I see the Xubuntu loading screen w/out graphic glitches.
  6. But then it boots into a command line? I try to startx and I get: Nvidia: could not open device file /dev/nvidiact1 (No such file or address) and Fatal Server Error: No screens found (EE)

To recap, I can't boot into my desktop environment, just a command line.

It also seems the common denominator is Nvidia. I can't find any similar problems on the Internet - any ideas?

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