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I'm trying to get gmusicbrowser to copy song information to my clipboard with the Now Playing plugin. For on song change, in the plugin's configuration, I have

echo "%a - %t (from %l, %y)" | xclip -i -selection "clip-board"

which shows echo as the command and every chunk as an argument (e.g. "..." is arg1, | is arg2, etc.)

ian@iris:~$ echo -e "test" | xclip -i -selection "clip-board"
ian@iris:~$ xclip -o -selection "clip-board"

I'm then able to see 'test' as resulting from a paste into another window. However, when a song changes, this isn't the result!

I'm running xubuntu 12.04.2 with gmusicbrowser 1.1.9-1

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I had to create a bash script

echo "${@}" | xclip -i -selection "clip-board"

and call it from the Now playing plugin

bash /home/ian/scripts/ "%a - %t (from %l, %y)"
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