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I have recently switched from original ubuntu 12.10 to ubuntu studio 13.04. After some research I found out I could install compiz to this as well. I have to go to the terminal and run compiz --replace to get the changes I made to take effect, and even at that doesn't seem like all features work like work space cube. I also noticed that when I activated compiz through terminal my tool bars on all my windows goes away.

I heard I could install emerald windows manager to set windows and just add the command emerald --replace in compiz under window decoration. However when I search for emerald nothing comes up in synaptics or Ubuntu software center. I figure gnome tweak tools should let me set a theme to bring back my tool bars, but I am not positive this will work, or create more problems.

I guess ubuntu studio uses xfce desktop while original ubuntu used gtk. can I install gtk to ubuntu studio just like I did with original ubuntu 12.10 to set themes to fix this problem? has anyone else had the same problem with compiz on ubuntu studio with work space cube not working?

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First, you will want to add the PPA for the current compiz development. While I realize this is not necessarily the most stable, it is significantly better than what comes in the repos:

I haven't tried this yet - it's my next step, but this is for emerald:

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