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I scanned my Ubuntu computer using Clamav the following are the results

Known viruses: 2288150
Engine version: 0.97.8
Scanned directories: 55215
Scanned files: 283662
Infected files: 0
Total errors: 18736
Data scanned: 16464.40 MB
Data read: 30027.11 MB (ratio 0.55:1)
Time: 4558.179 sec (75 m 58 s)

My Question is what are total errors and I should I do some thing to remove them?

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Read this Clamav faq question #21. No need to sweat.

These "errors" are not actually errors but are usually files you don't have read access to. They may belong to another user or to the System. Either way they probably aren't anything to be concerned about.

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If I see this error, does this mean my Scan is not running via Root user? – Haris Hasan Jun 3 '14 at 8:16

Now, I get what it's saying about having access to these files. Moving on to the next portion of the question involved. Is there a software bundle that will help me identify the difference between inaccessible files to the scanner and bona_fide error? (Yes, I tried to search for relevant questions as well as answers. Just came up with hardware type like scanners for photos and crap.) I can imagine my live CD having a system in-which I can compare the two File trees and check for consistency?

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