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I'm using 12.10 Unity with old fashioned scrollbars which now have no more arrows up/down or left/right on Nautilus, Terminal, Gedit (it's not the case on Firefox, Thunderbird, Libreoffice, Opera...). This happened after some update (I guess because I didn't notice it at the beginning), it was ok when I installed 12.10. This bug is pretty annoying when scrolling down or up a long list of directories on Nautilus for example.

Basically it's the same problem than these

Why can't I see scrollbars arrows in some windows?

ubuntu-overlay-scrollbars set to false shows no arrows in several cases

but they didn't help solving my problem

I tried to install Nemo instead, or go back to an older version (as explained http://askubuntu.com/a/288746/91895) but nothing changed. Thunar and Dolphin work great. Any idea that could help please?

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