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I have been using Xubuntu 12.04 LTS on a slightly older iMac, dual booting it. And it has been a mostly smooth experience.

Getting the same was really tricky on one of those new MacBook Pro laptops. However, at the end, I managed to get Xubuntu 13.04 working kind of "ok".

The question is, with the Nvidia drivers I only get the native 2880×1800 resolution. Anyone with some experience on that issue? Is there a way to introduce different resolutions in X?

There is one technique circulating around, that uses an X function to crop, pan and constraint a region inside that 2880×1800 area, so it looks like things are running at a slightly lower res, for example: 1650x1030 or something like that. However, I find that approach not very effective, and usually the image is not very sharp.

Any suggestions?


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