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I have a 2012 Alienware x51 and I installed Ubuntu 13.04 on it with the hdmi plugged into my Nvidia 660 graphics card. It installed the nouveau drivers by default and I have no option in the "additional drivers" section to install Nvidia driver so I installed it manually from the Nvidia web site but Steam complains that there is a OpenGL incompatibility.

Why is there no option to install Nvidia drivers in the "additional drivers" section?

All I want to do is have Nvidia drivers to test out Steam on Linux.

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Mybe look at this: How to install a driver for an NVIDIA card not detected by Additional Drivers? NVidia Doesn't Show Up in Additional Driver + Power Regression Issue in Ubuntu 12.04

Know that The Nvidia card is not compatible with Unity 3D. The Intel HD 3000 is. That >means that if you're using Unity 3D now, it's the Intel card which is in use. And the >fact The Graphics Driver name does not appear in Systems Settings (Details),

also maybe helpful (external url)

I would remove all manually installed drivers, reboot and check if it appears then. Maybe try running jockey-gtk as sudo "sudo jockey-gtk"

Last i checked the 310 experimental drivers where required for steam.

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Another link .... Blank "Additional Drivers" running a Nvidia 680GTX raring 13.04… – Aurigae May 14 '13 at 10:42

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