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Is it possible to use a USB to contain Ubuntu and a lightweight variant (Lubuntu) along with updates, files, documents, apps, etc? In other words, can I put everything on a USB so I can open my stuff on any computer?

Is that even possible? If so, how is it done? Would it be fast?

any info on the subject would be appreciated

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Is that even possible? - Yes. If so, how is it done? - There's some questions about that here. Would it be fast? - It depends on how fast the USB is. –  Uri Herrera May 14 '13 at 5:44
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Of course.

Please check this link. In my opinion it lets you do this in the most easy way:

  1. Download Ubuntu distro (Lubuntu would be the lightest)

  2. Download and run Unetbootin

  3. Choose system *.iso image

  4. Chose USB on which you wish to have Ubuntu, and remember to set option that uses some part of USB as system HDD.

And done.

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