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3.9 kernel. custom. laptop-mode is installed. sysfsutils installed.

laptop-mode starts on startup. sysfsutils have their files configured (processor p-states and frequencies/governor).

after logging in, everything perfect. ondemand governor is used and frequencies fluctuate between lowest and highest that the cpu can offer, properly. after awhile after logging in, the cpufreq-info reports top frequency usage all the time and even the on demand governor "should be" between the top and the top frequency (ridiculous power sucker, stupid error - a bug in acpi control on either ubuntu or, more likely, the kernel). So then I do sudo /etc/init.d/sysfutils start and the ondemand governor reports and changes properly once again. But. Except. My HDD spins up and down (I think, by the double rising squeak sound and the burping of the platter arm engaging/disengaging) hdparm says the drive state is 'unknown', unfortunately). It never stops doing this. Even after a suspend.

edit:This happens when on battery. If I plug it back in, it stops. If I unplug it, it starts again. Is laptop-mode just over-aggressive junkware?

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