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I have Asus Vivobook S550CM, after I login to ubuntu everything works fine, but after a while of using PC I cannot perform 1 finger touch-to-click action on touchscreen. When I touch the screen the mouse cursor appears in the position where I touched the screen, but it doesn't click. The weird thing is that when I move the mouse or use the touchpad the mouse cursor from touchscreen disappears and another one appears on different location on screen. So, it looks like there are two different cursors on the screen - one for mouse and touchpad (this one works) - other only for touchscreen (this one cannot click).

Other weird thing is, that sometimes when I use touchscreen and tap one finger, the click action is performed, but on the position of mouse/touchpad cursor - so it looks like there are two cursors and they are not synchronized. I tried calibrating screen, but it doesn't seems to be calibration issue, because the touchscreen cursor appears exactly where I touch the screen.

This bug looks similar https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+s...y/+bug/1099289 but in my case it looks like it's only Unity problem, because when I log out I can use touchscreen to select session, user or log in. Maybe ubuntu is having issue with two touch input devices - touch pad uses synaptics driver, touchscreen shows up as evdev driver.

Any ideas how to solve this??? How to synchronize two cursors???


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