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I recently had a really good post here where I was able to figure out how to setup virtualgl and use it with X11 forwarding in ssh. I am using it to make a kind of multiseat setup. I only have one sound card at the moment so I am trying to figure out how to let the remote user get access to the sound card over SSH for their gaming. I am only doing soundless stuff on the desktop when they are gaming so I dont need the sound. The problem is the sound only goes to the local user .

So to explain better, I am logged in as user1 locally. The user who will be accessing the desktop through ssh is user2. Only things user1 does has sound output, but I want user2 to be able to have access the sound card instead. Does anyone know how I can do this?

user2 will be accessing my computer on an ubuntu laptop.

Also I was wondering if I get a second sound card can I have an audio output going to each of the two users?

Thanks for any responses!

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Multiseat + PulseAudio is not easy. You may get some help from this:… – Takkat May 13 '13 at 8:00

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