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I downloaded Ubuntu 12.04 and starzed intallation into my computer. I am very unexperienced with Ubuntu system... Computer is old IBM 1,4GHz Pentium M, 1,3GB memory. It had Ubuntu 10.04 and I dowloaded the update 12.04 and started update intallation from packet update menu. The update did not go through, I got 45 pagkages that were not able to be intalled. Among other things: no mouse is workiung, no wlan/lan connection works, so the computer is pretty much paralised.

How can I install completely the new Ubuntu, maybe from cd... now when the computer is on that stage? I beleive debugging is pretty much impossible...

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Why don't you try booting it from the CD directly? –  Akas Antony May 12 '13 at 21:01
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