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I just upgraded from 12.10 to 13.04 and my HDMI Video output stopped working. I've a dual monitor setup with dvi and HDMI display. Dvi works fine. Xrandr shows hdmi1 as connected. Graphic card is a Intel HD 4000. In 12.10 both displays were running fine. Already tried xorg.conf with no acclmethod Option.

EDIT: Ok, so I've a new behaviour: After unplugging everything I got a Signal on the HDMI Display, but after Login the screen freezes completely. Console is still available. No errors in dmesg, syslog or xorg logs. When I unplug the HDMI display and boot only with DVI display, I get no freeze after login and everything works fine. I also can plug in the HDMI Display and have my normal two display setup. If I reboot the same problem comes up again: freeze, etc. I've to boot up with HDMI disconnected and reconnect it after login to get it working??

Any ideas or similar problems anyone?

EDIT2: This also works on both sides. I can boot ony with HDMI and DVI disconnected and reconnect DVI after login. But booting with both displays plugged in freezes the desktop after login :(!!

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I got the same problem and I did the following as a workaround:

Disable the second monitor in the settings and execute after booting something like that:

xrandr --output HDMI1 --auto --right-of HDMI3

Therefore you have to figure out which one is your main monitor and which one is your second and maybe adjust the numbers.

(My example means the following: Monitor at HDMI1 is activated and placed right of monitor HDMI3.)

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