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I've been having an awful lot of trouble with Nvidia drivers recently. I've managed to get almost everything working nicely except for the fact that the system only seems to boot when it feels like it.

I've tried using nomodeset as well as quiet splash and I see absolutely no pattern as to when the system does actually boot. I've tried using recovery modes but have never successfully booted one. Sometimes choosing the most recent kernel from Advanced Options For Ubuntu in the GRUB menu can work, sometimes it won't.

When I set the system to nomodeset it will sometimes freeze shortly after a line about USB HIDs and will sometimes freeze after a much more serious looking line about Packet Errors and trying to hard reset the link.

I'm quite convinced this is all down to the graphics card that has been giving me stick since the day I bought the thing. Everything works fine in Windows and was working much better in 12.10. Is there anything I can do to at least get the system to boot every time I power it up?

The graphics card is an Nvidia Geforce GT610 that's using the 319 driver with xorg edgers.

Thanks in advance.

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